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Announcing: The Nucleo Award Winners!

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We are thrilled to announce the winners of the first annual Nucleo Awards! In case you missed our finalist announcement, the Nucleos are a customer awards ceremony in which Outreach recognizes eight exceptional customers for their ability to drive success at their organization, through their passion for sales excellence and outstanding use of Outreach.

The Nucleo Awards ceremony will be taking place at our annual user conference, Unleash, from May 6-8 at Paradise Point in San Diego. The winners will be speaking on a panel during the conference, in order to share their insights with other Outreach customers and salespeople looking to up their game.

In the words of our CEO and co-founder, Manny Medina, "We developed the Nucleos as a way to recognize the central role our customers play in everything we do at Outreach. These seven customers have used Outreach to drive incredible sales success at each of their organizations and are showing no signs of slowing down. They are fierce advocates for our brand, a continual source of inspiration and we couldn't be more proud to call them customers."

The 2018 Nucleo Award winners include:

  • The Outreach Wizard Award: Lisa Goldsher, Director of Business Development at FinancialForce. The Outreach Wizard has a gift for making Outreach work like magic and uses the platform to simplify and improve their (or their team's) life.
  • The Gold Miner Award: Nichole Vine, Content Marketing Manager at SurveyMonkey. The Gold Miner is a strategic expert who delivers content that helps their team connecting with prospects illustrate the value of their product immediately.
  • The Outreach Outside the Box Award: Ed Sellitto, Director, Customer Success Operations at Newsela. The Outreach Outside the Box is awarded to a customer who knows Outreach so well that they've developed a use case or strategy that takes their sales process to completely new levels.
  • The Rookie of the Year Award: Alex Hudzik, Director of Inside Sales at Nasuni. The Rookie of the Year award recognizes a superstar user, admin, or sales leader who has been using Outreach for less than a year, but has already seen evidence of increased success.
  • The No Sequence Unreplied Award: Marya Dzmitruk, Sponsorship Manager at Talkdesk. The No Sequence Unreplied is awarded to an Outreach customer who has a knack for developing incredible content and sequences that lead to high engagement and reply rates.
  • The SuperHero Award: Ryan Schertzer, Director of Inside Sales at Seal Software. The SuperHero award goes to a customer who has helped build Outreach's customer community from the ground up.
  • The Power Couple of the Year Award: Tyler Bench, Director of Demand Generation at Lucidchart and McClain Smith, Manager of Sales Development at Lucidchart. The Power Couple of the Year award goes to a marketing and sales leader pair who has ensured that all leads are followed up with, sales is enabled with the best language and assets, and both teams are kept outstandingly happy.

You can read the official Press Release here.

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