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Announcing Outreach on Outreach!

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At Outreach, we drink our own champagne. We created the leading enterprise-ready Sales Engagement Platform that allows our reps to be more productive than ever before, and our leadership to create a revenue organization that they can truly predict. It’s sales as a science.

And it’s always been our mission to elevate the sales profession—to provide the solutions and support all sales leaders and practitioners need to stay competitive in an evolving market. To not only build game-changing technology but to use it like all-stars, and share our key learnings.

We often partner with accomplished influencers and thought leaders to help us create valuable content for all sellers. That approach has served us, and our audience, well.

But we noticed a growing call for more Outreach-specific content. In fact, at our annual Unleash conference, the sessions by our own employees sharing Outreach best practices on sequences, metrics, and tactics were overflowing.

So we thought, “How can we deliver this data-backed, use case-focused, Outreach-specific content year-around?”

Introducing Outreach on Outreach

Our new premium content series, Outreach on Outreach, aims to share all of our real-world experiments, Outreach best practices, effective sales tactics, and more, that we have uncovered building, marketing, and selling the world’s best Sales Engagement Platform.

We want everyone who uses Outreach—now and in the future—to have access to all of the data and learnings we’ve amassed so they can do the same at their companies to drive maximum adoption and success.

“Outreach is an organization transforming platform. The most important part of the sales process is the act of engaging with your prospects and customers, whether it’s at the top of the funnel, or in at the expansion or renewal, or anywhere in between. We owe it to our customers and future customers to educate the market on modernizing their sales engagement process.” Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing

What Types of Content Can You Expect?

There will be something for everyone, no matter your title, segment, industry, or location.

Content will include original data analysis and in-depth insights from our renowned Data Science team, led by Vice President of Data Science, Pavel Dmitriev. Pavel spent nearly a decade focused on Machine Learning while running Microsoft’s Analysis and Experiments team.

Each piece will feature a specific use case and a directional guide on how to do it at your company. We’ll also include interactive images like GIFs or infographics to help illustrate the process.

Being a unicorn, we’ve been able to hire some pretty incredible people.

Take Jonathan Muller for example, an 8x Certified Salesforce Architect who will be here to guide you through how we structure our workflows, systems, and dashboards between Salesforce and Outreach. Coming soon to Outreach on Outreach!

Our top Account Executives, Customer Success Representatives, and Solutions Consultants will all go deep into how we use our own product to exceed their quotas while growing from $0 to over $1,100,000,000 in valuation in under 5 years.

And so much more!

Here’s a look at the first four posts in the series:

There’s a lot more coming down the pipe, including a look at how individual reps in revenue roles use the platform, a look into our groundbreaking Gals & SALs program, and speed-to-lead best practices from our Demand Gen wizards! We’re sharing all of our secrets, right here on Outreach on Outreach!

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