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Announcing Amplify's New Machine Learning Capabilities and Guided A/B Testing

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Justin Huerter

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The pressure and expectation of sales reps to be more efficient and effective at their trade, more focused on higher profitability, and more reliant on data rather than intuition can feel like an uphill climb perpetuated by innovation - AI, Machine learning, data science, etc. And the truth is, it shouldn’t be! It should be a downhill roller coaster fueled by data science and controlled by the rep, taking the rep straight to the cash prize.

McKinsey Global Institute study found that “40% of time spent on sales work activities can be automated by adapting current technologies.”

Data Science and Machine Learning, when applied to real-time sales problems, enables (not replaces) reps to be more efficient and effective at your job. At Outreach, we’re focused on fixing  problems for the rep, removing the complexities and unknowns of data science, and streamlining non-selling tasks — so reps can do what they do best, sell.

Combining the art of sales with the power of data science

Introducing the next wave of Amplify, bringing the power of data science and machine learning to the Outreach platform and right to your fingertips. Amplify uses data science and machine learning to assist individual reps with administrative tasks and improve your team's sales strategies. You don’t have to have a PhD; you don’t need to invest in extra technology; and you don’t have to spend time on tasks that machines can do for you. Our technology scientifically tests, measures, and optimizes your sales techniques, while automating those tasks reps don’t like doing and helping them perform tasks they do — better.

Amplify Your Sales Team

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Amplify your sales strategy with Guided A/B testing

Amplify removes the complexity and unknowns of A/B testing, while surfacing accurate winning results for your entire team. Our new, guided A/B testing uses data science to help managers make accurate data-driven decisions, create successful strategies to boost their team’s performance, and drive more pipeline.


Introducing the new Guided Email Template A/B testing, helping managers perform accurate A/B tests on email templates. Outreach has created A/B testing safeguards to prevent managers from running invalid tests, while using state-of-the-art statistical analysis to determine the winning variant and improve your sales content strategy.

On average, Outreach customers have a 50-100% lift in reply rates when running valid A/B tests

Let Amplify do the administrative tasks work for you

Amplify takes the administrative work out of selling. Our machine learning capabilities use algorithms to extract, process, and learn from massive amounts of sales data. With the power of machine learning, Amplify can analyze sales activities and customer data at scale, generating deeper and more actionable insights while ensuring GDPR compliance.


Introducing the first new capability of our Machine Learning Suite, Email Phone Number Extraction. Outreach can now extract contact information from a sender's email signature and automatically send reps an inbox notification to update or add the new number to the senders’ profile.

Over the last four years, Amplify has identified over 43,000 missed phone numbers for Outreach's own sales team. That’s more than 10,000 phone numbers a year!

Our early adopters are already working more efficiently:

We’re excited to continue investing in the power of Data Science and Machine Learning to help enable all customer-facing teams to more easily create and execute winning strategies!

For more information on how you can start using these features today, read our Email Phone Number Extraction and Guided Email Template A/B testing support documentation or reach out to

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