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Introducing Amplify, Outreach's new Machine Learning Program for Sales Teams

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In a perfect world, every decision your sales team makes would be perfectly optimized and backed by data. We’ve come a long way, but as it is, reps only spend ⅓ of their time selling. Who has time to moonlight as a data scientist, and who has the budget to hire a dedicated analytics team when you desperately need another rep to hit your revenue goals? You have the insights waiting in your data, but there’s no way for you to surface the learnings yet. And you’re missing out on huge opportunities because of this!

Imagine a world where you don’t have to make the tradeoff between analysis and action.

We’re excited to announce Amplify, Outreach's new machine learning for sales program! Our new machine learning technology will empower every sales team to amplify the art of sales with the science of machine learning.

Introducing Outreach Amplify

With Amplify, we’re leveraging machine learning for sales to help you make better decisions at scale, while driving better results with a more efficient, higher performing team. Amplify empowers sales teams to optimize the way they engage buyers by providing insights and recommendations to sellers and taking more intelligent actions based on large amounts of data. With a focus on actionable insights, Amplify will analyze thousands of records about historical sales cycles to present reps with targeted recommendations that help them find and close more deals, faster.

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Amplify’s intelligence will be built into the Outreach platform and surfaced in capabilities throughout the product. We have invested deeply in building a world class machine learning team to build practical, actionable capabilities that enable managers and reps to work more intelligently and effectively. Amplify will focus on three principal areas in 2018:

  • Giving you the context to make better decisions - By analyzing context, Outreach Amplify will deliver data-backed insights that help reps choose the content and sequences most likely to perform, reach out at the right times, and have the right conversations with each prospect.
  • Prioritizing the right actions - Outreach Amplify is a master pattern detector and will compare all aspects of deals in the pipeline to historical sales cycles and prioritize the actions most likely to move deals forward.  
  • Intelligent automation at a greater scale - We’ve always believed teams should spend more time with customers, but it’s hard to balance that with the data needed to work more intelligently. Amplify can provide unprecedented insights at scale to make every customer-facing interaction you have more effective — without the time trade off between selling and analyzing data.

Amplify the art of sales with the science of machine learning.

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The Outreach Approach to Machine Learning

Machine learning is the hottest buzzword of the year, but what does it even mean? At Outreach, we’re committed to bringing you something actionable and meaningful, while making sure it positively impacts your bottom line.

In a nutshell, machine learning allows your computer software to learn patterns from historical data (this is called training), and apply the learned patterns in future scenarios. This means you can train a program with a set of rules (aka an algorithm), and it will complete future tasks based on how you train it, while also learning more over time about the way you work. This type of automation allows you to do analysis that would be prohibitively time consuming for your team to do without technology, as well as access deep insights about your business that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to learn.

We’re committed to creating a program that’s transparent and accessible to all teams. Amplify is an end to end “code free” solution, letting you unleash the power of machine learning without developer work. With a focus on usability and clear data, we’re creating machine learning for the everyday sales team, whether or not you have a computer science degree.

The sales teams who use Outreach will be able to see how the machine came up with a recommendation and what lift they can expect if they take that recommendation. We believe that to make the most of Amplify’s decision making engine, you need to understand how the decisions are made, and we commit to doing that in a transparent way.

Most importantly, we believe the technology we provide will enhance the way you and your team interact with customers by enabling a more personal connection. We recognize that the human element of sales is irreplaceable. Our vision is that machine learning for sales doesn’t automate the “person” in salesperson, but rather amplifies your impact by equipping you with the right data and analysis to make the best business decisions for your company and your customers.

The First Phase: Intent Classification

We’re excited to announce the first release of capabilities powered by Amplify: intent classification.  This feature detects the intent of an email reply from a prospect and uses that intent to automate or recommend the next best action for the sales rep to take.

Our intent classification capabilities use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to go beyond reply rates and measure whether replies are positive, objections, or unsubscribe requests. NLP means we train a computer to understand the way your customers reply to your emails with a small sample, and then let the computer sort every email reply you've received by sentiment based on those learnings. It might sounds crazy, but this algorithm works within 3% accuracy of a human doing the work manually (92% machine learning accuracy vs 95% human accuracy) — without the overtime work!

The result is the ability to measure email effectiveness and classify intent at scale, like this analysis of three of our own email templates:


With NLP-powered intent classification, your team is equipped with:

  • The insights necessary to look beyond vanity metrics and understand the context of a reply when measuring content performance. Rather than relying on open, click, and reply rates, you can actually see the rate at which content generates a positive reply, an objection, or an unsubscribe request. Not all replies are created equally!
  • Visibility into objection handling performance, down to the individual rep level. Objection handling is a key part of success in sales. Now you can understand who generates the most positive replies from the first email, who handles objections well, and who needs improvements in one or both areas. Deeper performance insights makes managers better coaches.
  • An understanding of email best practices that can be shared with your reps to amplify your best results across your entire team.
  • A scalable way to perform all of this analysis. Harnessing the power of machine learning, you can analyze in seconds what takes dozens or hundreds of man hours to complete, freeing up reps to focus on what they do best — sell! Our algorithm completes these types of analyses 75x more efficiently than a team of humans could.

We’re excited to finally unveil our vision for Amplify and our first release of Amplify-powered capability. Our investment in machine learning will snowball over time and provide ever-increasing value to Outreach customers.

Interested in learning more? Watch the on-demand recording machine learning webinar hosted by Outreach's CEO, Manny Medina, and Glassdoor's Global Head of Sales Development, Kamal Suffoletta. And be sure to join us at Unleash where we’ll be unveiling more details about Amplify, how to get started, and what the future holds.

Amplify the art of sales with the science of machine learning.

Watch the Webinar