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Admins Can Now Customize Password Complexity Requirements For Their Users

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Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy


Today, we're excited to announce that we have made password complexity configurable by org admins, for all their users within an org.

Previous to this update we had enforced a standard password complexity requirements across users, and they couldn't be relaxed individually.

Here at Outreach, we have a strong focus on security to ensure your data is safe, but we do understand that some organizations wish to make it easier for their users to create passwords that are easier to remember.

Now with the new customizable password complexity, admins have the ability to configure their own password complexity requirements that meet their own organization's internally defined security standards.

The Demo

For users with the Admin user profile, log into Outreach and navigate to the Org section under settings. After scrolling down, you will see a set of options around password complexity that you have the ability to disable or enable, as you see fit.

We provide controls around minimum password length, requiring a lowercase character, requiring an uppercase character, having numbers, special characters, and excluding the username.

In addition, you can set your own requirements around password expiration frequency, which will require your users to set a new password meeting the requirements you set. Once you've made any modifications, be sure to hit save.

Additional Information

While we do make it possible to configure settings, we strongly recommend that every organization takes security seriously, and we recommend not relaxing these settings down too far.

In the scenario where you have introduced higher password complexity requirements than what users were previously required to meet, please be aware that this will only be enforced upon the next password reset.

That's it for today, and as always, if you have any questions or feedback, email us through