Introduction Today, we're excited to announce that we have added yet another important component to Outreach, to enable Account-Based Sales workflows. One of the most important concepts of Account-Based Sales is to be able to have account-level visibility into how you're engaging various personas within that account, and what you're supposed to do next. This can encompass both the activity across the account as a whole, the tasks queued up that need to be tackled, and the sequence states. Having all of this information in one place for all of the prospects you're engaging within an account, or need to engage, makes it finally possible to have a full view of that account's landscape. The Demo Within the account view, you'll now notice additional tabs along the top that let you view tasks and sequences. If you click on Sequences, you will see all currently active and past Sequences for all prospects in this account. If you click on Tasks, you will be able to see tasks ordered by due date, showing what type of task it is, and who it's due for. To tackle any given task, simply click the task to get started. Additional Information We've found for customers who are heavily focused on Account-Based Sales that sometimes the best workflow for tackling tasks related to their accounts is to go account by account, using the tasks view. This approach helps users stay in context of any given account so they can easily use research they have performed for one prospect for another, and quickly move between their calls and emails. These features are available today, and we recommend users take a look and see how they fit into their workflows, especially for sales process with higher value deals.