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Launching an Account-Based Sales Strategy with Outreach Galaxy

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Stephen Farnsworth

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Two years ago I made the jump from an old-school insurance company to this young, hot Seattle startup called Outreach. Immediately, I realized I was in a brand new world, with my colleagues all speaking a completely different language. SDR, SaaS, ARR, ABS, Customer Success - the list goes on, and I was still a beginner.

I remember the first time I learned about Account-Based Sales (ABS) and was surprised to hear it heralded as a new concept. Although I’d never heard the term ABS, I was familiar with the concept. In reality, it’s not new (listen to Trish Bertuzzi from The Bridge Group riff on this in her podcast with Real Sales Talk). True execution is virtually nonexistent in the sales motions of most companies today, so let’s start by defining it.

What is Account-Based Sales (ABS)?

ABS is a hyper-personalized strategy that treats each targeted corporate client as a market of one that needs to be nurtured and grown over time. ABS uses a holistic approach where all client-facing teams such as sales, marketing, and customer success work toward the same goal by synchronizing efforts and tailor messaging as they engage all the decision makers and influencers within each account. See more here.

Why Should I Be Doing ABS?

When executed effectively, ABS impacts revenue and profitability dramatically. Companies see an increase in ACV (Annual Contract Value), LTV (customer Lifetime Value), and opportunity rate (the number of opportunities generated from a given number of accounts).

Outreach Orchestrates Effective ABS with New Galaxy Integrations

Today, we’re excited to announce thirteen new integrations with Aircall, BigPicture, Crystal, Dooly, LeanData, LiftIQ, Intelligent Customer Management, OBMetrix by Iceberg RevOps, Reachdesk, RingLead, SnapApp, Sona, and TopOPPS.

Outreach is where all customer teams get together to engage with customers, allowing consistent communication and smooth hand-offs between all parties involved and preventing deals from falling through the cracks. Outreach Galaxy, the app marketplace for the modern sales team, allows Outreach to extend beyond these core capabilities. Galaxy is the one application that drives any action, equipping you with access to all the tools and channels that drive ABS success.

Three Pillars of an Effective ABS Strategy

With these new integrations plus what already exists, you can successfully enact the three pillars of an effective account-based sales strategy:

  1. Alignment. The account team (includes sales & marketing as well as customer success, finance, executives, and other seemingly unrelated departments) must work collaboratively in order to upsell and cross-sell selected clients. An average of 7 people are involved in most buying decisions. Orchestration of multi-threaded conversations between teammates, customers and partners and alignment between sales and marketing is essential for ABS to deliver the best results.
  2. Personalized communications. Personalized messaging and marketing tactics delivered through the right channels at the right time move the needle in terms of customer engagement and sales velocity.
  3. Shared Data and intelligence. All-customer facing teams can access and share the data on the target accounts and optimizes personalization and effective targeting. Customer data and particularly engagement data are key to monitor progress and improve account-based strategies.

One Application, Any Action

See More Integrations

Hear directly from our new partners about how their solutions work with Outreach:

Aircall - "Imagine this, a prospect finally returns your call, you need to know who they are, what company they’re with, what their title is, and view the notes from your research. You don’t have time to search your CRM for that data, so Aircall displays it in Outreach as soon as the call comes in. This enables you to be a true Account Based Seller."
Collin Cadmus, VP Sales

BigPicture - "BigPicture helps surface in-market accounts on your website, actively researching your product - before they signup or fill out a form. By combining BigPicture and Outreach, it's simple to know who to reach out to, with the right message, at the right time."
Michael Frye, CEO

Crystal - "Crystal enables you to see any prospect’s personality in Outreach. With deep insights like natural behaviors, motivations and communication style, Crystal helps you improve communication with any prospect. For account-based sales, you can use Crystal to focus your campaigns beyond job title and narrow in on specific personality differences among the stakeholders involved in a buying decision."
Greg Skloot, President & COO

Dooly - "Outreach tracks all actions across an account to get a meeting. But what happens in that meeting? Dooly syncs all the relevant information from your calls to Salesforce and pushes you key sales plays to run that help drive the deal to close. With full context of your history with an account, content can finally meet context."
Kris Hartvigsen, CEO

LeanData - "LeanData's Revenue Ops platform offers an easy-to-use, visual interface within Salesforce to define routing rules for objects like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities. With the LeanData-Outreach integration, our joint customers can now automatically trigger Outreach sequences based on conditions - such as when marketing qualifies a lead - thereby automating the intelligent routing of this lead to the right rep, at the right time to close more deals faster and accelerate revenue."
Karen Steele, CMO

LiftIQ - "Operationalize your Go-to-Market strategy in Salesforce with LiftIQ + Outreach by scoring & tiering your accounts and ensuring your sales team is sequencing the right personas at accounts most likely to close. LiftIQ surfaces coverage and engagement across your top accounts and keep sales & marketing aligned on your Account Based Engagement strategy."
Shane Johnson, CEO Intelligent Customer Management - "Focus sellers on the highest priority tasks and contacts using Nova's AI-powered context. Nova serves sellers with hot leads, missed follow-ups, and other high-leverage situations requiring immediate attention. For you, this means a consistent process, with no leakage, and 40% more pipeline per seller."
Will Dinkel, CEO

OBMetrix - "OBMetrix consolidates all outbound prospecting data into a single Salesforce record so you can report on the status of target accounts. With Outreach and OBMetrix, you can track dozens of critical outbound metrics that are impossible to track with Salesforce and Outreach alone."
Scott Wiggins, President

Reachdesk - "Maximize your likelihood of breaking through to decision makers in key target accounts using Reachdesk and Outreach as part of your account-based sales strategy. Reachdesk allows you to add direct mail and gifting to your Outreach sequences so you can cut through the clutter and engage with your prospects in a personalized and timely manner."
Alex Olley, Co-Founder

RingLead - "Data quality is paramount to the success of any Account-Based Marketing and Sales program. Personalization requires getting to the right person. By using RingLead to de-dupe and merge account, lead and contact records users can feel confident with the quality of their Outreach database knowing that their master records are accurate."
Chris Ruhlig, Director of Revenue

SnapApp - "SnapApp with Outreach helps sales jump start the discovery process. We help prospects share their pain points, priorities, and buying intent while consuming marketing content. Our integration delivers their responses where sales can use them to serve up the right content, the right message, and the right next step for each lead."
Seth Lieberman, CEO

Sona - "Sona makes it easy to run an Account-Based approach in Outreach. You just create sequences for each of your buyer personas in Outreach, then Sona finds leads matching your buyer personas at each account, and pushes those leads in the appropriate sequence."
Conor Lee, CEO

TopOPPS - "TopOPPS provides AI for Sales Forecasting and Sales Pipeline Management. By combining TopOPPS AI with Outreach's sales engagement we elevate account-based sales management, drive a consistent sales process and guide winning behaviors of sales teams."
Jim Eberlin, CEO

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