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7 Resources To Help You Follow Through On Your 2020 Sales Resolutions

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Audrey Weber

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If you’re like most of us striding into 2020, you’ve made a shortlist of New Year’s Resolutions to motivate you to make big life changes in January but have totally forgotten about them now that February is here.

Why do we give up on our New Year’s Resolutions? Often it’s because they’re not specific enough. If your goal is to get in shape, you’re much more likely to stick with a very specific plan to, for example, “jog two miles every lunch break” than a plan to “jog more.”

This applies to not only personal goals, but company sales goals too. You and your team probably also have lofty sales targets that include hitting 100+% of your quota every month, growing your business, and tripling your ARR (What, just us? OK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Think about your plan to achieve each of those high-level goals - is it specific?

In order to achieve your 2020 sales goals, you need a specific and actionable plan.

No matter whether your sales organization is striding, walking, or hobbling into the new year, you’ll find these New Sales Resolutions helpful to increase efficiency and revenue so you can hit your number every month, every quarter, and every year. Each high-level goal is broken down into simple, actionable steps so you can follow through, no excuses.

These are the resources you need to achieve your 2020 sales resolutions. We wish we could help with eating healthier and getting fitter but… sorry, you’re on your own.

Get your sales team in shape

Actionable Plan #1: Hire the right SDRs

Our Senior Director of Sales Development, Steve Ross, knows what to look for when hiring SDRs. Take a page out of his book by watching the webinar “How to Build a World Class SDR Team.” Bonus: you’ll also learn how to get them ramped quicker, how to keep them motivated, and how to push your top performers further.

Actionable Plan #2: Improve SDR onboarding and ramping

Hiring is just the beginning - the onboarding and ramping processes are just as important. Watch How To Get The Most Out Of Your Growing SDR Team to learn how to get your SDRs on-boarded and ramped-up quickly and efficiently, as well as common onboarding mistakes and tips for systematically evaluating performance.

David Dulany also has 4 fresh ideas to speed up the sales on-boarding process and reduce ramp time to less than the industry average of 3 months.

Take on the toughest of territories

Get the Navy SEAL Approach

Learn something new

Actionable Plan #1: Listen to The Sales Engagement Podcast before and/or after work.

With three new episodes every single week featuring sales leaders, movers, and shakers, The Sales Engagement Podcast is one of the best ways to stay current with the latest industry innovations and best practices.

Actionable Plan #2: Attend Unleash

The Outreach Unleash conference gets more popular every year, including our Unleash Virtual Summit this year, and when you attend it's easy to see why. Hundreds of participants and dozens of speakers come together to talk about sales engagement—the tools, strategies, best practices, and market insights you need to be successful. The learning and networking opportunities are endless.

Now Available: Session Replays from the Unleash Virtual Summit

Take me There

Find a better work-life balance

Actionable Plan: Look to fellow salespeople for inspiration

Sales is known for being a stressful career choice. Many salespeople feel like their self-worth is wrapped up in performance-based numbers: quota attainment, deals won, and more. Our Beyond the Number series celebrates the human side of sales as people share their experiences with struggles and successes - including depression, stage 4 cancer, and improv classes - that have influenced their lives and careers. Read some of their stories and you may be inspired to make small changes to your mindset or career to live your best life starting this year.

Even if your personal resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, you can accomplish your sales goals this year with these specific and actionable steps to get your sales team into shape, learn something new, and find a better work-life balance. These are the tools to help you stick with your resolutions all the way through December and beyond.

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