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5 Things To Do Before Unleash ‘19

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Audrey Weber

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This Sunday, more than one thousand people will be arriving in beautiful San Diego, CA, for one place, one purpose...

To go to LEGOLAND THE sales engagement conference of the year, Unleash '19

If you're one of the lucky sales leaders, movers, and shakers who scored a pass, get ready for three full days of high quality learning, networking, and sales-engaging (it'll catch on).

You’ve got your tickets, prospect lists, and branded merch ready. Before you hop on that plane and join us in Paradise, cross these five things off your pre-Unleash to-do list.

1. Get to know the speakers

The speakers are the best part about Unleash! This year, we’ve got the most killer lineup of keynote and breakout session speakers we’ve ever seen. You’ll laugh, you’ll discuss, you'll walk away with new takeaways and inspiration.

In the keynote speaker corner, Outreach and Second City Works will open the show Monday morning, followed by Anna Baird and Jaimie Buss in the afternoon. Manny Medina and Dennis Lyandres will sit down for a fireside chat Tuesday morning, and extreme athlete and coach Wim Hof will close it out.

With a whopping 50 breakout sessions featuring speakers, presenters, moderators, and panelists from little-known companies like Google, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and of course, Outreach, there is no limit to the knowledge that will be dropped over the course of the two main days. Outreach customers of all kinds will find topics to tickle their fancy from the five tracks: Inside Sales, Executive Forum, Sales Ops, Outreach, and Ecosystem. The hard part will be choosing which amazing sessions to go to!

For short speaker bios and a preview of what you’ll see during the sessions, check out our posts on Trish Bertuzzi and Pete Kazanjy and these 11 speakers we can't wait to see!

2. Brush up on your trade show skills 

In between attending presentations and partying, most of us will be working hard to make new connections and build existing relationships. It wouldn’t be a sales conference without booths and hard-core networking. To ensure you return with tons of hot leads, check out these six trade show success tips for sales and marketing leaders

Trade show expert Alice Heiman joined The Sales Engagement Podcast to share a 3-step plan to dominate your next trade show. Definitely check out the episode as soon as possible to make sure you’re prepared. And for more from Alice, head to, or message her on Linkedin or Facebook for an invite to her private Facebook group where members discuss strategy and have access to 3-day summit videos.

3. Limber up

Unleash won’t be all sitting down and being humble, there will be plenty of opportunities to get up and get down!

First up, both Monday and Tuesday mornings you can choose to jumpstart your day of sales engagement learning a fun run, workout, and energizing sunrise yoga with yogi/sales maven Patricia McLaren!

Make sure you practice your best dance moves this week (still working on my floss) because we’ve got the 90s-themed party and the Endless Summer Beach Party to cap off each day of learning and networking!

Yoga guide

4. Register for Rev It Up!

Back by popular demand, the Rev it Up - Sales Leader Summit for women and men sales leaders will be the day after Unleash '19, hosted by Women Sales Pros! Just like last year, the whole morning will be jam-packed with speakers sharing leadership insight, breakfast, great sales leadership ideas, networking, connection, and inspiration.

Speakers include:

  • Carole Mahoney from Unbound Growth
  • Lauren Bailey from Factor 8 and Girls Club
  • Alice Heiman from Trade Show Makeover,
  • author Andy Paul
  • Liz Heiman from Alice Heiman, LLC
  • and Lori Richardson from Women Sales Pros and Score More Sales

5. Relive Unleash ‘18

Definitely the people who are the most excited for Unleash are the ones who attended last year. They know who much fun it’s going to be!

If you want a refresher on your favorite sessions from last year, or you’re curious about what to expect, check out the Unleash ‘18 sessions, including the keynotes from Manny, Matt Millen, Andrew Kinzer, Carlos Delatorre, Amy Slater, Roberto Monaco, and Brian Walsh. The Future of Sales Panel is also in there - wonder if anything has come true yet...

Relive the Unleash highlights in these short blog articles, too:

Manny Keynote

Do these five things and you're a few steps closer to INVINCIBLE! See you in Paradise, my friends.

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