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4 Lessons about Supporting Change with Technology and Teamwork

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As we approach Q4 and get acclimated to the remote sales world, it’s time to face the challenges of remote B2B selling head on. To help you continue to adapt, Outreach has been hosting virtual masterclasses to give sales leaders tactical ways to drive success.

In case you missed last week's session, keep reading for four of our favorite highlights from the second session.

(And if you're hungry for even more, here are our first set of leadership lessons.)

Power the center of excellence with technology

Outreach CRO Anna Baird sat down for a virtual chat with Britney Bartlett, senior director of Global Virtual Sales at Cisco. Even before COVID-19, Cisco recognized modern buyers are looking for a different experience. They want information on-demand and a knowledgeable sales team to troubleshoot pain points, and they don’t necessarily care about in-person meetings.

With that in mind, Britney formed a new group called the Global Virtual Sales Specialists (GVSS). GVSS combines experts from sales, marketing, and IT who can respond quicker than siloed teams and provide better expertise. Since implementing this team, the number of touches per sales rep has increased by 40 percent.

Across the board, buyers respond best to empathetic and personalized messaging. Cisco has launched new sales tools and technology to interact with clients in a different way, putting their needs and goals first.

Create an environment for success

Outreach CMO Margaret Arakawa facilitated an interactive roundtable discussion with leaders from Crunchbase, NASDAQ, and Bombora to discuss how they’re pivoting to virtually lead sales teams.

All agreed they’re finding success by following the basic principals of KISS — "keep it simple, stupid." We all need simplicity and clarity right now to stay laser-focused on the goals and tasks in front of us. The more clarity an organization can pass on to sales reps, the easier it will be for them to deliver the right messages to buyers.

One simple suggestion included being thoughtful of how we take up colleagues’ time. Do they have the bandwidth to absorb and understand new information? Encourage your reps to leave room in their schedule to work without distraction. Blocking off meeting-free time throughout the day leads to a more productive environment for everyone.

Play to win

Leadership advisor and world champion adventure racer Robyn Benincasa led us through a masterclass on how to maintain a winning mindset to achieve ambitious sales goals.

One of her key messages? Play to win — not to simply avoid losing.

Change can be the springboard to even greater success if you view every setback as an opportunity.

Robyn proudly declared that her team wins races not because they're the fastest, but because they're the smartest. They find innovative solutions to problems — like when they tied two canoes together to form a single long boat so they all would cross the finish line at the same time.

This same message translates to sales. We need to set clear objectives, build strong teams, and reinvent the game when new rules are thrown our way. We need to play to our reps' strengths and work toward inspiring them when things get tough.

Getting to the finish line takes courage, determination, and trust in the people by our side.

Focus on holistic outcome from changes

Outreach's Transformation Practice Leader Tonille Miller hosted a bonus session about the challenges she's seen organizations encounter — and the approach they can take to thrive through change.

She acknowledged that all change is scary, and it’s likely to come with opposition within the company.

You need a powerful leader to spearhead the changes, as well as a well-defined transition strategy that highlights the pain points it will solve. Demonstrating the benefits and laying out a clear outline of each team member's role will help everyone move toward an integrated solution.

Futureproof your sales leaders

Ready to gain more actionable insights about best practices that work right now? Then sign up for our final Summit Series event on Thursday, September 24.

We'll hear from industry leaders about how they're promoting a culture of resilience, and Figure 8 Thinking Founder Natalie Nixon will teach a masterclass on how to lead with strategic creativity and rethink the tactical direction you're giving your team.