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24 Interesting Articles from the Sales Engagement Community [2020 Edition]

Audrey Weber's Avatar

Audrey Weber

Associate Content Editor

The past 12 months have been phenomenal in the world of sales. With new technologies, strategic acquisitions, and surprising trends shaking up the industry, here are the highlights from some of the most compelling content the sales engagement community published in 2019.

Career Advice from the Pros: Starting a Sales Career in 2020? Do This by Max Altschuler


Source: Sales Hacker

Who should read: Sales newbies, fresh grads, and professionals looking to shift to a sales-oriented career

Dreaming of supercharging your sales career? Here are foolproof techniques from sales superstars who rose from the ground up.

The Best Catchy Email Subject Lines For Sales by Mark Kosoglow


Source: Outreach

Who should read: SDRs and everyone who wants to develop effective email messaging skills

It takes mere seconds for an email recipient to decide whether to open or ignore your message. Having a compelling subject line can tip the odds in your favor.

An Army Of Champions Is A MUST, And Now There’s Data To Prove It by Devin Reed



Who should read: Account Executives and SDRs

Never put all your eggs in one basket! Building relationships with multiple champions in your target account strengthens your chances of winning the deal. Know the data behind multi-threading and the tactics to get it right.

9 Types of Video Every Business Must Have to Succeed by Kendall Walters


Source: Vidyard

Who should read: CMOs, content marketers, social media coordinators, and other marketing professionals

Most people engage with visuals more than text, and this includes your prospects and customers. Here are ways to use video to catch their attention, sustain engagement, and ignite action.

10 Sales Trends & Predictions for the Future of Sales in 2020 by Max Altschuler


Source: Sales Hacker

Who should read: C-suite execs, as well as leaders and professionals in the sales industry

Get a preview of what 2020 will be like in the world of sales, brought to you by the most influential cross-sectional community in the field.

How to Pick the Perfect Sales Prospecting Gift by Grace Dille


Source: Sendoso

Who should read: Sales/business development reps, AEs, and sales managers/directors

This one goes out to all the prospects out there whose love language is "Receiving Gifts." The right prospecting gift can spark meaningful conversations and lay the groundwork for tighter relationships.

Why Wellbeing Is the Unspoken Key to Future of Work by Paul Billing and Kerry Townsend


Source: Salesforce

Who should read: HR professionals, talent managers, business unit heads, top-level execs

Technical skills are crucial to sales success, but so are mental health and overall wellbeing. As jobs increasingly fuse the professional with the personal, workplaces need to proactively drive wellness.

3 Reasons To Normalize Your Data by RingLead Content Team


Source: RingLead

Who should read: Sales ops/enablement/engagement/support professionals, data analysts, SDRs

Data can be your treasure or your trash. Unless it is normalized, your data can mess up your performance. Learn how to process data to reduce duplicates, define market segments, and fine-tune metrics gathering.

A Look Into the Future of Customer Experience by Salesforce Content Team


Source: Salesforce

Who should read: All customer-centric professionals and business leaders

Much has been said about customer experience, but expect more buzz around it in 2020 and beyond. With innovative technologies crashing the party, everything — the stakes, standards, and expectations — are only going to go higher.

4 Rituals That Help Build a Better Culture by David Cancel


Source: Drift

Who should read: C-level execs, HR professionals, talent managers, and business unit heads

Meaningful symbols and rituals help build a vibrant culture. Here’s how CEO David Cancel uses the power of rituals to build a warm, tight, and high-performance culture at Drift.

Hiring Sales Reps: How to Recognize Top Performers BEFORE You Hire by Patrick Joyce


Source: Sales Hacker

Who should read: Sales recruiters, sales ops professionals, sales leaders and managers

Looking to hire potential superstars? Check out these sales recruitment tactics to help you distinguish the good and teachable from the rest.

5 KPIs All Sales Leaders Should be Measuring Now by Audrey Weber


Source: Outreach

Who should read: Sales leaders

Metrics help you measure sales success. They also serve as a warning when something isn’t right. Here are five key performance indicators (KPIs) you should monitor to help you stay on track.

A Marketer's Guide to Creating Omni-Channel Digital Experiences by Daniel Skyes


Source: Salesforce

Who should read: CMOs, customer success, and marketing professionals

Your customers are using multiple channels and so should you. But there’s a right time and a special message for each engagement context. This is a tactical guide for how to push the right buttons in every channel your customers use.

5 Tips to Building an Effective Customer Success Organization by Jamie Domenici


Source: Salesforce

Who should read: All customer-centric professionals and business leaders

Your revenue engine consists of many teams, and the one of the latest to join the party is Customer Success. Consider these top-level tips if you are looking to build your Customer Success team.

Goodbye Opinions. Hello, Reality. By Amit Bendov



Who should read: Sales managers, AEs, SDRs, sales enablement/data professionals

With data and AI, it’s now possible to monitor, measure, and maximize Revenue Intelligence. Ditch hearsay and discover exactly what makes your playbook win, and what makes it flounder. Use these tips to own the game.

How Segment Grew Opportunities 3x With Visual Prospecting by Jordan Van Horn


Source: Outreach

Who should read: Business/Sales development reps, AEs, and marketing professionals

Prospecting is tough, but there are tricks that can make it a bit easier. Adding some catchy visuals into your email outreach can do wonders — like tripling your opportunities. Here’s how Segment pulled that off.

How to Unlock Creativity in Customer Service by Dania McDermott



Who should read: Business leaders/owners and customer service professionals

Pre-canned solutions to common problems are great. But some customer issues require outside-the-box thinking to solve. Empower your customer service apparatus by providing experiences and channels that help your people build, practice, and celebrate creativity.

How to Write a Killer Sales Follow Up Email + Examples for Every Occasion by Audrey Weber


Source: Outreach

Who should read: SDRs, Sales Enablement teams

You’ll rarely make a sale with a single email. It takes several messages to warm up the prospect and nudge them towards a desired action. Learn the art and science behind the most compelling follow-up emails.

Infographic: 3 AI-Verified Signs Your Prospect Is Going To Sign by Devin Reed



Who should read: SDRs, business development reps, sales team leads

Disclaimer: it's still impossible to predict the future with any certainty, but artificial intelligence can get pretty close. This infographic explores massive data on email communication and gives the top three indicators that predict when a deal is about to be won or lost.

Not Fake News: 4 Ways to Double-Check Your Sales Data by Steven Bryerton


Source: DiscoverOrg

Who should read: All business professionals

Fake news brings havoc to our social relationships and political discourse. Lack of accurate information also wears down our ability to take the right actions. These practical tips can help you ensure you are basing your sales or purchase decisions on solid data.

Selling to Men and to Women (Yes, Gender Is a Factor) by Katie Bullard


Source: DiscoverOrg

Who should read: AEs, SDRs/BDRs, sales managers

While there are many factors that influence the behavior of buyers and sellers, data suggests that gender still appears to have a significant impact. Among other things, this article reveals which communication channels are preferred by women and men.

Three Winning Sequences Formulas You Can Implement Today by Julianne Sweat Thompson


Source: Outreach

Who should read: Team leads, sales managers, SDRs/BDRs, sales enablement professionals

Too busy to discover the right sequencing of emails, calls, and social touches for your prospects? Here are three winning sequences for three types of customers.

Want a Kick-Ass Coaching Culture? Try These 6 Expert Tips by Sara Howshar



Who should read: Sales directors, team leads, business owners

Coaching is a powerful way to scale your business and build on the team and processes already in place. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. In addition to time constraints, determining the right approach can be tricky. This article features actionable coaching insights from prominent sales leaders.

Will Technology Replace Relationships in Sales? (No.) by Amy Volas


Source: Datanyze

Who should read: Anyone engaged in business, especially customer/sales-focused professionals

Sure, Outreach can make your sales team of 10 perform like a team of 100. But technology will never replace your salespeople. Why? Because humans are ultimately the ones who make the purchasing decision.

Want to engage more with the Outreach community? Join us at Unleash '20 in April and check out our resources page for the latest content.