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2021: Outreach's Year in Review

Riyaz Habibbhai, Senior Director of Product Marketing's Avatar

Riyaz Habibbhai, Senior Director of Product Marketing

While we know significantly more than we did a year ago, the world still feels unpredictable in many ways – including the rise of a new kind of sales force.

What we do know is that go-to-market teams are more innovative and driven than ever, and we will continue to be there every step of the way to help you – our customers – succeed.

We are nothing without your incredible partnership. Let’s take a look at what you helped us achieve in 2021.

The Highlights

In 2021, Outreach…

  • Announced a new AI-Guided Deal Intelligence experience for the entire revenue organization. In December, we announced AI-Guided Deal intelligence – which uses sales-trained machine learning to turn real-time deal health insights into sales rep actions that address risks and improve the chances of winning. The Outreach Engagement & Intelligence Platform is the only system of action that captures signals at each step in the deal lifecycle and guides you to a successful close.
  • Closed a $200 million funding round. This funding round raised Outreach’s valuation to more than $4.4 billion and total funding to $489 million.
  • Expanded the Outreach platform to include revenue intelligence capabilities. Outreach acquired revenue intelligence software company Canopy, and launched Outreach Commit. The new capabilities give revenue leaders the sales analytics and forecasting tools they need to succeed in today’s sales environment.
  • Hosted Unleash 2021 Virtual Summit Series. Thousands attended our virtual summit last fall where we empowered revenue innovators by giving them the strategies and tools they need to drive efficient, predictable growth. Watch the recording here if you weren’t able to join.
  • Hired key leadership. Mary Shea, leading analyst of sales technology, joined Outreach as the first ever global innovation evangelist. Seasoned software marketing leader Melton Littlepage joined later in the year as Outreach’s new chief marketing officer, and former Vice Chairman of AT&T Ralph de la Vega joined Outreach’s board of directors. Most recently, Outreach’s senior vice president of customer success, Mike Zinne, was promoted to chief customer officer. 
  • Launched RISE program. Outreach executives launched RISE, an intensive leadership program to help women navigate the path to sales leadership. We kicked off a nine-month pilot with a small cohort of women within Outreach to give them the tangible skills to grow in their careers and achieve their ambitious goals. The inaugural cohort will co-design a blueprint that we hope others in our community can replicate and build on.
  • Expanded with a new office in Atlanta. Outreach has more than 400 customers in the Southeast and nearly 100 in Georgia alone, half of which are based in Atlanta. It was a no-brainer to double-down on our team-building in the greater Atlanta Metro area and to open a new office in this location.

The Accolades

    Here’s some of the recognition we received in 2021:

    New Product Capabilities

    Here’s a rundown of some of our most innovative releases from 2021:

    • Bring science to the art of forecasting with Outreach CommitOutreach’s revenue intelligence solution, Outreach Commit, takes the guesswork out of the forecast process and guides sales teams to take actions that push the forecast higher.
    • Increase rep efficiency with Kaia – Kaia is a virtual assistant that guides reps using real-time intelligence to accelerate deals by improving meetings both live in the moment and after the fact.
    • Reduce deal cycles and increase close rates with Success Plans – We created a better buying experience with Success Plans – a mutual action plan that brings better visibility into the selling process and helps you more accurately assess the health of your sales pipeline.
    • Understand the emotions behind buyer replies with Buyer Sentiment Analysis – Buyer Sentiment Analysis goes beyond vanity metrics like open rates to let you know whether a buyer email response is positive, an objection, a referral, or an unsubscribe. This lets you know the likelihood of the sales process moving forward, and best next steps to take.
    • Streamline user lifecycle management with Outreach Automated User ProvisioningThis IT management capability ensures the right users have access to the right content, reducing security and compliance risks.
    • Optimize change management processes for CRM plugin changes with Configuration ManagerOutreach CRM Configuration Manager helps organizations save time and reduce cost by letting admins easily backup, migrate, and restore a snapshot of their CRM plugin configuration.
    • Redesigned Public Calendar improves meeting bookings by 45% – To schedule meetings with prospects, you can include your calendar availability in Gmail or Outlook, book directly from the Outreach platform, or insert your public calendar link.
    • Voice Dialer update provides a better call experience – With a reduced connection time by up to two seconds, Voice Dialer now allows you to add participants, as well as call data and notes, during active calls. We’ve also improved dialer stability and call alerts when a user’s network is poor.
    • Initiate real-time conversations directly from an Outreach sequence & personalize website chat with the Terminus integration – Account-based chat routes target accounts directly to the correct owner (SDR/BDR/AE) for immediate conversation and all chat history is automatically logged in the Outreach activity feed.
    • Build your pipeline faster with Outreach’s new Crunchbase integrationWhen you combine your engagement and intelligence platform with one of your favorite sales prospecting platforms, you can build pipeline faster, improve your response rates, and keep your CRM updated with automatic syncing.

    What's next for 2022?

    No matter what happens, we are optimistic the new year is going to bring tremendous progress. We’ve seen teams master adaptability, resilience, and empathy in the last two years. In 2022, we expect to see more innovation, an increase in data-driven decision making, and companies making a full commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    See what other predictions Global Innovation Evangelist Mary Shea has for this year in our on-demand webinar, 2022 Sales & Marketing Predictions: The Disruption Accelerates.