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2019: Outreach's Year in Review

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Over the last 12 months, Outreach’s year has grown into something truly exceptional. From launching new Amplify machine learning capabilities, Galaxy and our in-app marketplace, and products and features that define what “must-have” means for a sales engagement platform, it’s no wonder why we continue to be the #1 sales engagement platform.

But don’t take our word for it.

Our status as the sales engagement leader was affirmed by our supporters and customers alike. This year, Outreach received $114M in Series E funding, which launched us to a $1.1B valuation and made us the most well funded SEP and valuable SEP to date. In addition, we surpassed the 4,000 customer mark, making us the most trusted SEP with more customers than our top competitors combined.

We were recognized by some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, including:

But as Manny says, our north star will always be our customers. Thanks to all of our amazing customers for a great 2019, and stay tuned for a new year as we continue to Unleash the best sales engagement platform and products yet, including new Outreach Amplify capabilities that offer insights beyond open rates to the prospect’s intent. Current customers can sign-up for Beta by reaching out to their CSM.

ICYMI, here’s a rundown of our best releases from 2019:

  • Team Performance Dashboard. With a comprehensive team reporting dashboard, managers can view team and individual metrics at a glance to gauge the team’s overall performance and identify gaps between reps. coaching. Individual reps can measure their performance in the same lens as their managers, making coaching conversation more actionable, clear, and transparent.
  • Inbound Warm Transfer. In January, we helped you with some hotline bling by launching Inbound Warm Transfer, helping you get your prospects to the right person as efficiently as possible. Outreach Voice users can now hold or transfer calls between reps without hanging up on the prospect or starting a new call.
  • Live Call Coaching. Sometimes we all need a little help, and with Live Call Coaching, sales managers can provide private, real-time coaching to help reps answer questions or objections accurately and confidently.
  • Outreach Galaxy. We took you beyond the cloud to a new universe of possibility with Galaxy, our app marketplace that brings all of your sales tools into a single workflow. With Galaxy, you can drive any action or multichannel strategy, all in one single platform.
  • We wrote the book on Sales Engagement. No, really: our Outreach leaders wrote a book to share everything they know about how to deploy a successful Sales Engagement strategy to engage with prospects in the modern era of B2B sales.
  • Amplify Out-of-Office (OOO) Reply Detection. With Amplify, we leveraged machine learning to detect an out-of-office email reply and automatically extract contact information from the message, allowing you to take action right from your inbox. Amplify OOO detection also allowed reps to pause and resume Sequences based on the prospect’s return date to re-engage as soon as they’re back in the office.
  • Opportunity Workflow Enhancements. Enhancing your ability to take action directly from the global sidebar, reps can create and group tasks based on Opportunities, and create new Triggers whenever an Opportunity is created, updated, or closed.
  • Granular Opt-Outs. With so many communication channels, we made it easy for you to reach your buyers via their preferred channels. With this new feature, prospect opt-out requests are no longer “one and done,” but are now broken down by each channel (email, call, texting), allowing you to communicate through other channels while staying GDPR compliant.
  • Outbox Email Schedule. We offered greater peace of mind and control by notifying you if there’s a delay with sending an email, the reason why, and when you can expect for it to be delivered, allowing you to maximize your engagement strategies.
  • Last-Touch Sequence Attribution. Finding your recipe for success has never been easier. With Last-Touch Sequence Attribution, managers can see the last Sequence the prospect was in before they were converted to an Opportunity in Salesforce, allowing you to identify and scale the activities that drive revenue for your business.
  • Sequence Enhancements. After analyzing hundreds of million data points and hearing from our customers, we upgraded Sequences to deliver more flexibility, visibility, and control - all from your inbox. With the added ability to preview the Sequence and its performance, as well as edit and schedule your Sequences, reps are able to do more than ever from their inbox, whether it’s prospecting, closing, or working renewals.
  • Start-Stop Call Recording. The phone is still one of the main ways that relationships are forged and deals are closed. With Start-Stop Call Recording, reps can start, stop, and resume a call recording at any time.This eliminates the need to end a conversation and reschedule if the prospect doesn’t want the call recorded, all while staying compliant.
  • User-Timezone Based Sequences. Gone are the days of being befuddled by different timezones. Now admins can schedule Sequences based on the prospect or rep’s timezone, enabling reps to engage with prospects during peak times.
  • Account-Based Triggers. Often times, different reps are Sequencing different prospects at the same account, but don’t know if a meeting is booked with a prospect in a different Sequence. We helped streamline communication with Account-Based Triggers, which automatically stops all other Sequences that are active on an account, saving you the time and effort of stopping them manually.
  • Opportunity Page Enhancements. Studying up on an Opportunity has never been easier with the upgrades to the Opportunity Page. Reps and managers alike can view each Opportunity’s recent activity, including which Sequences, tasks, emails, calls, and meetings have already occurred, allowing you to strategize next steps faster and more thoroughly than ever before.
  • Missed Call Notifications and Features. Never miss a missed call again. Our new Missed Call Notifications and Features allows reps to easily identify missed calls, as well as filter by call type, such as answered, not answered, voicemail drop, and missed, and instantly re-engage with one click.
  • Sequence to Meeting Correlation. With Outreach, you have the power to make each rep your best rep. With Sequence to Meeting Correlation, managers can trace how many meetings were booked from that Sequence, and drill down to see which steps are converting the most meetings. With Outreach, managers now have the insights to build winning playbooks at scale.
  • CSV Exports. For greater data insights and reporting, we supercharged the amount of data you can export from Outreach, now moving as many as 10k rows of data in under 30 seconds. Teams can now better analyze the available data outside of Outreach, such as your CRM, for more robust reporting and identify data that is out-of-sync and needs to be merged or deleted.
  • Picklist Fields. We have extended reps’ ability to work in one platform with new Picklist Fields on Opportunities. Admins can create and add Opportunity Type and custom fields on their Opportunity Picklist in Outreach, mirroring their Salesforce Picklist validations. Reps will now be able to update fields in Outreach without toggling back and forth between Salesforce, giving them greater efficiency and ability to focus on selling.
  • 29 New and 4 Updated Galaxy Integrations. Working in one platform has never been easier with Outreach Galaxy. With our industry leading app marketplace, Outreach integrates all your tools in one place, and with 29 new integrations and 4 upgraded integrations, we have enhanced your ability to work in one platform:
  • 1:1 Video: BombBomb, Hippo Video, Vidyard, OneMob (updated)
  • ABM & Marketing Ops: BigPicture, LeanData, LiftIQ, Personas, RingLead, SnapApp, Engagio (updated), Sigstr (updated)
  • Content Management: Seismic, Tiled
  • Conversation Intelligence: Jiminny, Tribyl
  • Direct Mail: Alyce, Reachdesk, Sendoso (updated)
  • Integration Platforms:, PieSync,
  • Pipeline Management: Clari,, TopOpps
  • Other: Aircall, Crystal, Dooly, Intercom, ICM, OBMetrix, Orum, REGIE