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My, Oh My — 2018 Was an Amazing Year for Outreach

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Relentless. That was how 2018 turned out for Outreach. More than 200 product launches, 16 new and improved integrations, 60+ events, and $65 million in Series D funding highlighted the calendar year, with Outreach landing on LinkedIn’s Top Startups for 2018 as the undisputed champion in the sales engagement arena.

Not a bad run even for a company that Forbes called a potential unicorn and won the Seattle Business magazine Tech Impact Award for SaaS. Last May, we held the sold-out Unleash ‘18 conference that featured retired U.S. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink and peak performance coach Joseph McClendon III, among other speakers.

A month later, Outreach acquired the industry-coveted ISO 27001 certification for information security for the fourth year in a row! This past year also witnessed the strategic acquisition of Sales Hacker, a professional development community that empowers salespeople with insights and resources to reach the next horizon.

And honestly, we couldn't have done it without you, our amazing customers!

Amongst all the funding, awards, and acquisitions, we’ve kept our customers and community as our #1 priority, working tirelessly to improve and innovate in the sales engagement space and help you crush your goals.

We are so very thankful to have such amazing customers. Thank you for helping us accomplish everything we did this past year.

ICYMI, here’s a rundown of the best product releases we cooked up in 2018:

  1. Outreach Meetings. Many new features here. First, we’ve done for Outlook the same magic we did for Gmail. Outreach customers using Office 365 and Exchange 2013 can now quickly and easily set up meetings using highly customizable templates right from their email. The service goes beyond scheduling: it prevents prospects from slipping through the cracks by automatically salvaging meeting cancellations and no-show follow-ups.

    Meanwhile, Team Meetings ensures that all inbound or outbound reps get a fair chance at booking meetings with prospects, a very tricky and tedious task to perform without sales engagement tech to simplify and speed things up.
  2. Outreach Workflow. In July, the team launched Global Sidebar to give salespeople centralized and easy access to the most useful features in Outreach. With Global Sidebar, everything you need for peak sales performance is in one place - no need to pull up multiple pages in order to update prospect information, book meetings, view customer engagement data, or manage tasks.

    Additionally, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator task types feature was launched in September to make it easier for reps to use and incorporate InMail messaging into their workflow and sequences.
  3. New Outreach Voice Suite. Sales success entails a lot of meaningful sales conversations. But with connect rates hovering at less than 10%, even just saying hello becomes as rare as a blue moon. The New Outreach Voice Suite expands the outdated dialer into a holistic solution that combines traditional calling with engagement intel (via Gong, Chorus, ExecVision, and Avoma), texting (a high open-rate channel), and sequencing capabilities to ramp up connect rates and drive winning conversations. The suite also incorporates seamless call transfer, click-to-call, and inbound voicemail into the package.
  4. Amplify Suite of Machine Learning Capabilities. Human sellers can only do so much, thank goodness machines can do the heavy lifting. Launched early in the year, Amplify is Outreach’s machine learning solution that crunches data to help salespeople make smarter decisions, design more efficient playbooks, and drive better outcomes at scale. Using natural language processing (NLP), Amplify can detect the intent of prospects’ email replies and can automate or recommend the next best action for reps to take. The service also frees reps from the tedious task of looking for and updating contact information by extracting phone numbers from prospects’ email signatures. Finally, Amplify makes it ridiculously easy to conduct guided and insightful A/B tests, which you can use to identify the most effective email messaging approaches and templates.
  5. Opportunities in Outreach. Your pipeline is arguably the most important component of your sales process. In mid-2018 Outreach launched its seamless integration capability with Salesforce for better pipeline management, greater visibility, faster sales velocity, and higher revenue efficiency. Using this feature, sales teams can view, track, manage, and close opportunities directly on Outreach and experience sales success on steroids.
  6. GDPR Readiness. Well before the EU-initiated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented in May, companies around the world seriously worried about its impact on their business. They still do. Good thing Outreach actively works to ensure that everything you do with our sales engagement platform complies with all national and international guidelines, including the strident provisions stipulated in GDPR. For one thing, the ISO 27001 certification — which Outreach successfully acquired  — sets very high standards when it comes to information security. Moreover, Outreach complies with other standards such as SOC 2 Type II and the US-EU Privacy Shield framework, providing control mechanisms to manage platform data accordingly.
  7. 16 New and Improved Integrations. Well, it’s party time! Having seamless and secure integrations with other powerful tools in the sales technology stack establishes Outreach among the most viable and readily usable platforms in the market. Outreach currently has more than 30 platform integrations, 16 of which were developed in 2018:


Sure, 2018 was phenomenal. But we’re all betting the next one will be more pivotal for everyone in the sales community.

Want to learn more about what we’re cooking up for 2019? Join us this March in sunny San Diego for the 3rd Annual Unleash event and get to hear surprising insights from the most innovative voices in the industry.

BONUS: If you don’t want to wait that long to grab something fresh and useful now, check out some of the other stuff Outreach launched this year. We wrote a book and started a new podcast focused on all things Sales Engagement. Get a dose of both at:

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