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15 MORE Speakers We Can’t Wait To See At Unleash 19!

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Unleash ‘19 is less than one week away, guys!

With more presentations, more breakout sessions, and more panel discussions than ever before, THE sales engagement conference is going to be lit!*

*lit /lit/ (adj): to be “turned up” or “popping” (Urban Dictionary)

Here are 15 more speakers who will be taking the stage and laying down some sick sales knowledge March 10-12 in San Diego.

Adam Clark


Director of Sales at REPAY

Unleash session: Ramp It Up: Simple Strategies to Accelerate Onboarding and Achieve Productivity Faster, Tuesday @ 10am

Throughout his diverse and challenging career, Adam has been dedicated to his family, service-focused leadership, and studying the art of sales. His experience, combined with his tight grasp on the impact of data and technology, allow him to grow top-level sales talent and future leaders.  

Adam will be speaking about two things at Unleash:

  • How Outreach can help you make your go-to-market strategy INVINCIBLE
  • How his experience translates to a transition into sales from other careers
"I hope I can provide some great insight into how to maximize the effectiveness of reps and tools.  I have spent a long time honing skills that are magnified by platforms such as Outreach."  - Adam

See him on the panel Ramp It Up: Simple Strategies to Accelerate Onboarding and Achieve Productivity Faster with Kristen Podger and Brian Remington Tuesday morning!

Brian Remington


Director of Sales Development, OneLogin

Unleash session: Ramp It Up: Simple Strategies to Accelerate Onboarding and Achieve Productivity Faster, Tuesday @ 10am

Brian is a passionate sales leader, mentor, advisor, teacher, and coach who has been part of the early days of some of the biggest technology transformations of the past few decades, including Salesforce, Linkedin, New Relic, and now OneLogin.

Brian will be moderating the Ramp It Up: Simple Strategies to Accelerate Onboarding and Achieve Productivity Faster panel with Kristen Podger and Adam Clark. They’ll be discussing best practices, plus some out-of-the-box ideas, for building the most effective sales onboarding programs. Brian’s goal for his Unleash panel is to help you take your sales reps from 0 to 60 as fast and effectively as possible.

"I am deeply passionate about helping companies, and especially individuals, achieve their personal and professional goals and have dedicated my career to representing companies whose ideas are game changing, and whose solutions actually work." - Brian

Jaimie Buss


VP of Sales, North America, Zendesk

Unleash session: Leading From the Front, Monday @ 4pm

Jaimie is a veteran sales leader with experience selling everything from SaaS to virtualization, storage, and networking. She currently leads a team of field-based strategic account executives and sales development representatives. During her 18-year sales career, she has held sales and leadership positions at Andreessen Horowitz, VMware, Coverity, Meraki, Coraid and Inktomi, so she really knows her stuff.

Ever seen an MVP sales rep who, after receiving a well-deserved promotion, struggled to perform? Jaimie’s coming to Unleash to talk about how it’s not the rep, it’s the training (or lack thereof).

Jaimie’s solo presentation, Leading From the Front, will tackle the problematic reality that high-performing sales reps are often promoted into leadership positions with little to no guidance on the skills required to thrive in their new role. Attendees will learn how to build a framework to gauge organizational health, conduct performance management, inspire high performers, and reduce attrition.

"I am huge fan of practical, usable processes, tips, tricks, and advise. That is a specialty of Unleash, and one of the reasons I am excited to be invited to participate!" - Jaimie

Kari Schneider


Director of Velocity Sales & Sales Development at Zendesk

Unleash session: Sales Dev Best of the Best: What Outreach, Zendesk, and Zoom Have in Common, Monday @ 2:15pm

Since joining Zendesk in 2015, Kari has helped quadruple the size of the sales development teams in Madison AND has taken on leading the inside sales Velocity group. Previously, she built and managed teams in Development, Corporate Sales and Sales Operations at Shoutlet, a social media software company acquired by Spredfast.

At Unleash, Kari will join Brooke Bacesta from Outreach and Lindsey Liranzo from Zoom in a panel, Inside Sales: Sales Dev Best of the Best, to talk about A/B Testing and Sequence Optimization. You’ll learn how to fine tune what's working to get optimal results from your team’s efforts.

"Bring your questions and ideas to share and we'll all leave Unleash with ideas that will make a difference!" - Kari

Kenny Scannell


VP of Sales, ON24

Unleash session: Sales Bro vs Sales Pro: How To Be Persistent Without Being Pushy, Tuesday @ 11:30am

Kenny is joining Mark Kosoglow (the original Sales Bro/Sales Pro), Tana McDermott from Workvia, and Rick Smolen from Greenhouse to talk about the Sales Bro culture that some of us love and some of us hate. Attendees will learn about scaling a sales team and the ability to become a consultative seller, not a heavy sales pusher.

With 17 years of sales experience under his belt, rising the ranks the old-fashioned way from AE to manager to VP, Kenny is now responsible for Global Account Management and Enterprise Expansion. He may have some serious skills, but he’s going to make his session light.

"Looking to keep this fun and interactive. This isn't a lecture, it's a thought leadership interactive discussion." - Kenny

Keshia Hohenstein


Manager of Sales Development at GitHub

Unleash session: Getting ROI from Your SDR Hires, Tuesday @ 1:30pm

Keshia is a sales leader whose expertise lies in crafting new go-to-market and operational strategies. With an extensive background in enterprise sales, she applies her knowledge of prospecting efficiently and closing deals effectively, to train and onboard new reps. Career development for her team and continual growth are her resolute goals. She’s passionate about driving business forward at scale by building a team that continues to beat competition (and quotas).

You’ll see that passion for SDR team building in her breakout session, Getting ROI from your SDRs, with Sam Nelson from Outreach, Nicolette Mullenix from Snowflake, and Heidi Bullock from Engagio.

"If you're managing an SDR team or thinking of becoming a manager this session is for you. Come for the honest answers and fresh perspectives." - Keshia

Kristen Podger


Sales Operations Manager at Pendo

Unleash session: Ramp It Up: Simple Strategies to Accelerate Onboarding and Achieve Productivity Faster, Tuesday @ 10am

Kristen’s strategic efforts as a trusted advisor to the Pendo sales leadership team have helped grow and support a rapidly expanding sales force by creating and implementing well-defined processes and efficient uses of technology. Prior to joining the Pendo team, Kristen held multiple operational positions in the fields of healthcare and telecommunications.

If you’re in Sales Ops, Kristen’s session is a must-see. She will be joining Brian Remington from OneLogin and Adam Clark from REPAY to share how small changes to your approach to onboarding can help reps ramp faster.

The best part about Kristen’s Ramp It Up session? You’ll get actionable insights from three different perspectives that will help you make a strategy for your unique organization and teams.

"Having a special Sales Ops track is not something most conferences offer! Outreach is committed to creating a product we all love to use, and that's why they partner with Pendo." - Kristen

Matt Cameron


Managing partner of SalesOpsCentral and Founder of SaaSy Sales Management

Unleash session: How the Best Leaders Are Developing Winning Teams and Retaining Them Longer, Tuesday @ 2:15pm

As the former WW Head of Corporate Sales at Yammer and a RVP A/NZ Enterprise Sales for, Matt enjoyed building sales engines for high-growth companies, which continues to be his passion. His current org is Silicon Valley's training and development community for go-to-market leaders, and he is a regular speaker and columnist on the topic of sales leadership.

For anyone who aspires to be be as successful as our very own Manny Medina, Matt’s got the session for you: How the Best Leaders Are Developing Winning Teams and Retaining Them Longer.

You’ll learn innovative approaches for engaging and developing your people without worrying that they will jump to the next hot company.

"In a world where talent is increasingly mobile, how do you confidently invest in your people knowing that you will get a return through tenure? We will explore the employee experience from hiring and beyond and see how data allows managers to present the next best development action for employees and deliver the ultimate career experience." - Matt

Exclusive Offer: Attendees of Unleash are invited to invest in their career by attending a SaaSy Sales Management bootcamp with the special code: “Unleash12” for a 12% discount on ALL programs, including Sales Management, SDR Management, Sales Enablement, Sales Operations and Sales Engineering.

Want to know who else is speaking?

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Sam Jacobs


Founder of the Revenue Collective and the Host of the Sales Hacker Podcast

Unleash session: The Hockey Stick Effect: Handling Exponential Growth, Tuesday @ 2:15pm

Your revenue is through the roof, your reps are closing high-value deals, and it seems like you can't hire fast enough. Great, right? It depends. Problems and pitfalls abound when experiencing hyper growth.

Sam will be moderating the panel The Hockey Stick Effect: Handling Exponential Growth with Jake Reni from Adobe and Jonathan Mayer from Splunk. They’ll talk about how to handle growing pains and ensure you are ready for the next level.

If you listen to the Sales Hacker Podcast, you know Sam already. Over the last 16 years, Sam has held sales and marketing leadership positions at a number of high-growth companies including Gerson Lehrman Group, Axial, Livestream, The Muse, and Behavox.  

"Listen to the Sales Hacker Podcast!" - Sam

Steve Kaplan & Jack Moore


Group Product Manager & Senior Project Manager at LinkedIn

Unleash session: Modern Selling's North Star: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Outreach, Monday @ 11:15am

If you use LinkedIn (so, yeah, that’s everyone) then you should definitely see Steve and Jack speak at Unleash! In Modern Selling's North Star: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Outreach, they’ll discuss the latest in Sales Navigator and the Outreach integration, plus a sneak peak of what's coming soon on the product roadmap.

"You'll get to hear about Sales Navigator and our Outreach partnership, directly from myself and Jack Moore - the ones building the product!" - Steve

Tana Mcdermott


Vice President of Inside Sales at Workiva

Unleash session: Sales Bro vs Sales Pro: How To Be Persistent Without Being Pushy, Tuesday @ 11:30am

A dynamic senior sales executive, trainer, and leader, Tana will be joining Mark Kosoglow (who moonlights as both Sales Bro and Sales Pro), Kenny Scannell from ON24, and Rick Smolen from Greenhouse to talk about how to utilize Outreach for best practices in sales enablement (and how to be a Sales Pro, obv).

Tana will share her extensive experience in business development, lead generation, inside sales, marketing planning, business transformation, leading new ventures, and driving top line revenue during her panel session.

"Looking forward to the keynotes, networking, learning from others, and having a great time!" - Tana

Tito Bohrt


Founder and CEO of AltiSales

Unleash session: Sales Ops: How Great Leaders Help SDRs Crush Quota, Tuesday @ 2:15pm

An avid public speaker, Tito is returning to Unleash to present on how to build a World-Class Outbound Sales Development Team.

You’ll walk away with these process improvements (plus much more):

  • How to hire, train and compensate SDRs
  • How to build the right tool stack, strategy, and operations to optimize your SDR efficiency
  • Best practices for calendar invites, outbound intro calls, and follow up emails

Tito was awarded "Best SDR Leader of 2018" at the Sales Development Conference, and is a Certified Sales Expert by Sales Hacker. He has hired and trained over 100 SDRs and written extensively about excellent Sales Development practices. He is also an investor and advisor to fast growing startups.

"The passion that the Outreach team puts into Unleash makes it such an amazing event." - Tito

Bonus: People who attend Tito’s session can enter to win a one-hour-long SDR training session!

Tyler Bench & McClain Smith


Director of Demand Generation & Director of SMB Sales and Sales Development at Lucidchart

Unleash session: How To Triple Your Team With Sales & Marketing Alignment, Tuesday @ 3:00pm

We at Outreach are huge fans of sales and marketing alignment so of course we are stoked to see Tyler and McClain present on how Lucidchart tripled the size of its inside sales team with strong marketing/sales alignment!

Attendees will learn how Lucidchart's directors of demand generation and sales development have worked together to unlock massive growth. McClain and Tyler will share the inside scoop on the technology, sales process, metrics, and most importantly the relationship they have built together over the past two years to make Lucidchart one of the fasting growing B2B software products in the world.

"Unleash is a gathering of professionals with a genuine passion for sales. You'll come away with new energy for what you do!" - Tyler