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11 Speakers We Can't Wait to See at Unleash '19

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There comes a time in every sales engagement conference’s life when they get really, really excited about their speakers and presenters. With Unleash 19 only a few weeks away, we’re dancing around our offices in anticipation of the talent that will be joining us in Paradise Point.

The unparalleled speaker lineup this year includes well-known and highly successful individuals and organizations, including our larger-than-life keynote speakers, Wim Hof and The Second City.

To whet your appetite for the upcoming feast of sales engagement knowledge, we’re highlighting a handful of Unleash presenters, plus content that will give you an idea of what to look forward to!

Anat Shiwak - Global Head of Sales Development and Inside Sales, Okta


Anat’s highly successful career at Okta began in marketing (as the Director of Product Marketing, no less) so she knows a thing or twenty about how sales and marketing should work together. As the Global Head of Sales Development and Inside Sales, she was responsible for doubling her team, expanding to new locations, and dramatically increasing call volume.

“Whether organizations are looking for ways to increase security, to replace a dated and costly system, to drive efficiencies as they embrace cloud and mobile technologies — my team is there to help.” - Anat Shiwak, on the Okta blog

Can’t wait for Anat’s panel presentation at #Unleash19? Get a sample of how she handled exponential growth as a sales development leader from The 2018 Sales Development Conference.

Craig Rosenberg - Chief Analyst, TOPO


As co-founder of a research and advisory firm that helps B2B companies achieve scalable revenue growth, Craig Rosenberg has got sales and marketing KPIs dialed in.

Unleash is going to be all about sales engagement, something that Craig and TOPO have made their priority. If you’re looking for some “light” reading before his presentation on the future of the sales engagement space, you can start with Sales Engagement - The Definitive Guide or the TOPO Sales Engagement Market Guide.

Interested in account-based sales and marketing? Check out his presentation on The Framework for Account Based Strategy. Need help meeting sales quotas? There’s a webinar for that. You want it, Craig’s got the data for it.

Dan Cook - SVP of Sales & Customer Success, Lucidchart


Dan started as a sales development rep, now he’s the Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Success at one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the US.

If that sounds like your dream, you should definitely check out his interview on The Sales Hacker Podcast. Dan shares his management style and the decisions that got him from the cubicle to the corner office with the sweeping view of downtown (we imagine).

For all you sales leaders who’ve already made it to the corner office (first off, how’s the view?), you may also be interested in watching how he and Lucidchart CEO Karl Sun built an enterprise sales business around a freemium model.

Whether you look up to him or see eye-to-eye (from your fancy corner office, ugh), you definitely don’t want to miss his Unleash session!

Lindsey Liranzo - Global Lead Development, ZOOM


Talk about a powerhouse! Lindsay Liranzo leads not one but two global sales teams at ZOOM: sales development and business development. Thankfully, you don’t need to start as a sales rep at Salesforce and work your way up through Silicon Valley tech companies to learn her sales dev secrets - she’ll share them with you at Unleash!

Lindsey joined The Sales Engagement Podcast to talk about how essential SDRs and BDRs are to any company’s development process, and how you can go about finding the right people to add to your team. If you care about sales (and if you’re reading this then you do) you really need to check out the episode.

Lori Richardson - Founder and CEO, Score More Sales


There are few people in the sales world more prolific than Lori Richardson.

Whether you need advice for what to look for in a great employer, or if you should apply to a new sales role, or how to have the best SKO ever, Lori’s got it. As the President of Women Sales Pros, she’s committed to giving women the leg up they need to succeed in the world of tech sales.

“I went to an event in the Boston area where I met a woman in her 20's who had said that she had never met a woman VP of Sales in her 10-year career. This is what we are working to change." - Lori Richardson, in an interview

That’s why she was named one of Sales Hacker’s 35 Most Influential Women in Sales, and why you must see her at Unleash!

Who else will be at Unleash?

See all the speakers

Manny Medina, Mark Kosoglow, and Max Altschuler - Outreach


I mean, what kind of Outreach fam would we be if we weren’t excited to see our own award-winning, legendary, and fearless CEO, VP of Sales, and VP of Marketing speak at Unleash?!

Manny, Mark, and Max (so much potential for a play on names it would require a whole other blog post) are the literal sales engagement experts.

Manny has led our company to new frontiers of ARR growth, machine learning, and Unleash conferencing. Fun facts: Manny just received a 2019 Executive Excellence Award from Seattle Business Magazine and has a 100% CEO approval rating on Glassdoor. #humblebrag

Mark leads one of the most successful sales organizations ever, was Lindsay Lohan from The Parent Trap in a past life, and likes to use “BOOM!” in normal, everyday conversation.

Max led the sales-content-with-a-massive-following site, Sales Hacker, to acquisition, and has authored books on hacking sales, and your own career.

Together, they’re writing the book on sales engagement with fellow sales leaders (including other Unleash speakers): The New Rules of Sales Engagement.

These guys are the real deal - textbook examples of sales success, mentorship, and innovation - so take advantage of your chance to learn from them at Unleash!

Meghan Gill - VP Sales Operations, MongoDB


Meghan is an award-winning sales and marketing leader and startup advisor. Wait, startup advisor? Isn’t MongoDB a global publicly-traded company with 1,299+ employees? Yes, and Meghan was employee No. 8 and the company’s first non-engineering hire. So she’s seen it all.

Having grown (and grown with) MongoDB, Meghan is an expert in demand generation, account-based marketing, events, field marketing, developer relations, sales operations, and more. She really knows her sales and marketing stuff.

Listen to her share her techniques for marketing and selling to developers on The Sales Hacker Podcast before you see her speak at Unleash!

Kevin Warner - Co-Founder & CEO, Leadium


He’s the CEO of one of the top companies for outbound sales development, which makes Kevin the leader of a leading lead-generating lead company, Leadium. To state the obvious, he’s all about them leads, and helping B2B companies scale their sales.

Kevin hosts The Outbound Sale Podcast (which featured our very own Mark Kosoglow!) and is co-authoring a book, Outbound Realities, “the only coffee table book made by SDRs for SDRs” filled with “hilarious, sad, and awkward first-hand stories, emails and lessons.” So. Relatable.

If you need some hype before Unleash, check out why the Leadium team is SUPER stoked and make sure you see Kevin present on outbound sales strategy when you get there.

Steven Bryerton - VP of Sales, DiscoverOrg


Steven is responsible for Enterprise Sales at DiscoverOrg. Having moved through positions in Research, Lead Generation, and Marketing at the company, he is now the Vice President of Sales.

Be sure to check out his Ultimate Trade Show Prospecting Toolkit compilation to help you get 30-100 warm and hot leads at Unleash!

He’s also got all kinds of content for salespeople on the DiscoverOrg blog (Hey Stephen, your marketing is showing) but our personal favorite is his 3 Steps For An Effective Sales Demo - you’re going to need his tips after your reps crush it on the Unleash floor!

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