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10 Sales Development Tools Every Team Should Use in 2020

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Remember when the sales process used to be in spreadsheets? And how time-consuming that was? Sales professionals had to manually enter all data into their sheets and email them back and forth.

Then came the CRM and other company-wide platforms. Things got a little better but much remained to be desired. For one thing, these new tools were disjointed and companies had to deal with multiple — and sometimes conflicting — data sources. Teams still had to manually relay information to their peers on other teams. Which means that a lot of time got wasted on admin tasks alone.

Even today, Salesforce reports that sales professionals spend just a third (34%) of their time actually selling and more than half (57%) of them expect to miss quota.

Fortunately, a new generation of sales development tools is closing the gaps between revenue teams and giving reps a few more precious hours of productive selling.

How To Select the Right Sales Development Solutions for Your Team

There are a few essential features and characteristics you should look for in any sales development tool. Here are some guiding questions to help you narrow down the possibilities:

  • Need: Does the solution address a specific need of your sales development team? Which particular metrics do you want to improve?
  • Consistency: Does the solution deliver consistent, predictable outcomes?
  • Feature Set: Are there extra capabilities that you can apply in your process?
  • Budget: Will the promised ROI meet your growth objectives?
  • Compatibility: Will the software integrate with your existing technology stack or will it conflict or cause other issues downstream?
  • Integrations: Does it strong interoperability or a broad API ecosystem?
  • Ease of Use/Learning Curve: Will it take a specialist or professional services to implement and maintain?
  • Customer Support: Can you rely on the vendor to provide solid support for your team?

Bonus Tip: Always ask for case studies, demos, and ROI projections.

To help you with the selection process, we've narrowed it down to nine tools you can use to maximize your team's Outreach workflows. These are examples of sales development tools that many smart sales organizations use.

10 Sales Tools To Empower Your SDRs

1. DiscoverOrg

Finding and engaging the right leads fast is the key to lead generation success. DiscoverOrg helps you do that by providing actionable insight into your customers' sentiment and behavior. Among other things, this solution allows you to set behavioral triggers that signify purchase readiness.

With our integration, you can find and upload new accounts and prospects directly to Outreach.

2. Engagio

Do your customers need multiple sign-offs to seal a single deal? Perfectly suited for an account-based sales (ABS) framework, Engagio clarifies the decision-making process of your customers. This solution shows all the relevant executives and influencers you need to connect with and how best to engage each decision maker.

Engagio integrates with Outreach to make your "account-based everything" strategy simpler and easier.

3. Gong

Gong helps with executing, monitoring, and improving your sales calls. This solution literally lets you in on the conversation. Use it to record, transcribe and rate sales calls to help with coaching, training, and conversions - directly from the Outreach platform.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Everyone worth their salt is on LinkedIn. Use the network’s own market intelligence service to find organizations and decision makers who match your buyer personas and customer profile. The network’s native messaging service can also help you get referrals and build relationships.

Thanks to our tile integration, you can forget about switching back and forth between prospect profiles and interactions - it's all right there in Outreach.

5. Salesforce

You won’t go very far in sales without a proper CRM, and where CRMs are concerned, Salesforce is the market leader. The platform has arguably the broadest feature set and API developer community in its class. Naturally, we have a direct integration so your sales reps get real-time updates from the company's source of truth without leaving Outreach.

6. Vidyard

Is video prospecting the future of sales? The team at Vidyard certainly think so. Vidyard makes it easy to record personal video messages that build rapport with prospects - right from Outreach. You can also create and upload polished demos and customer testimonials to create custom playlists that keep the deal moving. Vidyard also keeps track of who's watching what, so you can prioritize your follow-ups.

7. 6sense

This analytics solution uses data to accelerate how you discover, qualify, and rank new prospects. Use it to glean insight on how your customers will likely behave in different selling scenarios.

8. Bigtincan

Bigtincan tells your SDRs in real time which content or messaging will more likely move a prospect forward in the pipeline. This AI-powered recommendation engine integrates with your CRM.

9. Troops

Millennials and GenZers will soon comprise the largest buyer and seller demographic in the B2B space. Most of them love messaging apps such as SnapChat and Slack. Troops responds to that preference. This solution uses a conversational AI on Slack to bring teams together and assist each member with a wide range of tasks.

10. Intercom

Intercom is the customer chat platform that drives faster growth through better relationships. Proactively engage leads on your website with the Intercom Messenger, automatically qualifying and routing leads with bots 24/7 and chatting with your best leads in real time.

For an even smoother customer experience, you can trigger Outreach sequences from Intercom chats on your site using our integration.

This shortlist of recommended sales tools aims to get you started on improving your technology stack, though there are countless more solutions out there that may likely fit your needs. For more recommendations, check out Sales Hacker's comprehensive list of sales technology.

You may want to explore review sites like G2 to learn more about the wide array of sales development technology and find solutions that match your needs, culture, and sales process.

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